Dr. Timothy McNichols

Lecturer - Dept of Technology & Psychology

Dr. Timothy McNichols

e mail: tim.mcnichols@iadt.ie
phone: 01 239-4908

Qualifications and Professional Bodies

BA University of California (Los Angeles) 1991

MA South Bank University (London) 1995
Ph.D. Trinity College, University of Dublin 2006

Membership of Professional Bodies
Institute of Teaching & Learning (SEDA)
Academy of Management (AOM)
Association of Information Systems (AIS)

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Area of Expertise

Social Media & Consumer Behavior;
Game-Based Learning
Consumer CyberPsychology;
Digital Media Entrepreneurship

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Teaching and Research

IADT 1999 - Present
University of The Arts, London. 1994 – 1999.
Management Development Unit, London. 1998 – 2000.
American International University, London. 1997.

Entreprise Ireland Consultant for Innovation Vouchers (2009- Present)

"Collaborative Improvement for the Extended Manufacturing Enterprise" (2/01 - 2/04)
Funding: EC-funded 5th Framework
Description: A pan-European research project investigating, deploying and supporting Internet-based collaborative technologies between manufacturers and strategic suppliers.

"The Distributed Electronic Support Centre (DESC) Project" (10/99 – 5/00)
Funding: Enterprise Ireland and WestEIG
Description: A feasibility study to investigate the requirements to enable e-commerce technology transfer in SME & Micro-Enterprises.

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