Dr. Mark Riordan

Head of Department of Technology

Dr. Mark  Riordan

e mail: mark.riordan@iadt.ie
phone: 01 214 4745

Qualifications and Professional Bodies

BA, BAI. University of Dublin, TCD. 1988.

Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. 1992.

Ph.D. University of Dublin, TCD. 1996.

Membership of Professional Bodies
British Computer Society. MBCS, C.Eng, C.ITP.

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Area of Expertise

My research interests are in eLearning, mLearning, HCI, Pervasive Computing, Universal Design and Software Engineering Management.

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Teaching and Research

Trinity College Dublin. 1994-1997. Undergraduate.

IADT. 1999- date.

Subject Area: Computing/HCI.
Grant/Aid: €120,000.
Source: NOMAD TSR Strand III.
Commencement: 1992.
Duration: 4 years.

Subject Area: Computing/HCI/Universal Design.
Grant/Aid: €150,000.
Source: GATEWAY, EU Leonardo, lead partner.
Commencement: 2004.
Duration: 2 years.

Subject Area: Computing/mLearning.
Grant/Aid: €70,000.
Source: mLearning, EU leonardo.
Commencement: 2005.
Duration: 2 years.

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"Design and Delivery of Tele-educational Courses", Wade, V., Riordan, M., Power, C. in the Journal of Distance Education, special issue on - Online Teaching and Learning, 1997 Vol. 12 No. 1/2. (http://cade.athabascau.ca/vol12.1/waderiordanpower.html)

“SMS Quizzes”, Riordan, M and Pietsch, J in Keegan, D (ed) Mobile learning: a practical guide. Aula Press Budapest 2006, . ISBN 978-963-9698-15-4.

“Podcasting as an mLearning approach “, Riordan M, Barton H. et al in Keegan, D (ed) Mobile learning: a practical guide. Aula Press Budapest 2006, . ISBN 978-963-9698-15-4

"Effects of a wireless online community network on social capital" McNally, Riordan et al., in the Proceedings of Mobile HCI 2005, Salzburg, September 2005.

"The use of Statistically derived personas in modeling mobile user populations", Riordan, M and Greaney, J (2003), in the proceedings of MobileHCI 2003 conference, Udine, Italy, September 2003.

"Tele-educational services in a future Open Service Market", M. Riordan, V. Wade et al., in the proceedings of ED-MEDIA/ED-TELECOM 1997 (International conference on Hypermedia and Tele-communications in Education), Calgary, June 1997.

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