2014-2015 Seminar Series

2014-2015 Department of Technology and Psychology Seminar Series

The Department of Technology and Psychology is running its successful seminar series again in 2014-2015. These are lunchtime talks for students in the Department by experts in a range of fields. The seminar series is run by Dr Olivia Hurley (with Rob Griffin) for the Department. Thanks to all of our speakers for their time and support.

Seminar 1
24th September 2014 - The Washington-Ireland Internship Programme by IADT 4th Year BSc Applied Psychology student,William O Reilly.

William presented a wonderful seminar on his experiences in Washington this summer.

Seminar 2
16th October 2014 - Imagery in Action by Professor Aidan Moran (UCD).

Professor Moran presented the current research on imagery and sport psychology.

Seminar 3 27 November 2014 - UI/ UX Problem Solving by Stefan Paz Berrios.

Stefan Paz Berrios who lectures in the Department of Technology and Psychology spoke on user experience of technology and how user interface design can change and improve this experience.

Seminar 4 27 January 2015 Ciara Clancy founder of Beats Medical

Ciara Clancy spoke of the Beats Medical app and how it is being used to treat conditions such as Parkinsons disease. For more information see http://www.beatsmedical.com/index.php/how-it-works.

Seminar 5
February 2015 - Abnormal Psychology – Working with Sex Offenders by Janice McCabe.

Janice gave an overview of her work in the probation service and specifically with sex offenders. From a degree in psychology Janice moved to working with children and families and then joined the Probation Service in 2007. Her interest in working with offenders and the rewards of seeing people change their lives for the better keeps her going in a tough job.

Seminar 6
March 2015 - Drug Impact on Behaviour - Psychopharmacology - by Neil O Brien.
Neil is a toxicologist from Beaumont Hospital and gave a talk on the effects of drugs on the brain. He also discussed how how patients presenting in hospital with drug overdoses are treated.