2013-2014 DTP Seminar Series

2012-2013 Department of Technology and Psychology Seminar Series

The Department of Technology and Psychology is running its successful seminar series again in 2013-2014. The seminar series is run by Dr Olivia Hurley for the Department.

Seminar 6 Tom Burke TCD 3 April 2014
Tom spoke on a day in the life of a neuropsychologist/PhD student. Tom is a graduate of the IADT BSc (Hons) in Psychology Applied to IT.

Seminar 5 Dr Frank Doyle RCSI 30 January 2014
5 ways Psychology can affect your Health
Dr Frank Doyle a Health Psychologist with RCSI spoke about the different ways that psychology can impact on your health.

Seminar 4 Dominic Byrne Fingal County Council 16 January 2014
Open Data - opportunities for Ireland
Dominic Byrne one of the leaders of the open data movement in Ireland spoke about the value of open data and showed the Fingal Open Data resources. There are 207 datasets available for open use.

Seminar 3 Ronan Laffan Version 1 14 November 2013
Solution design in enterprise environments
Ronan Laffan spoke to an attentive audience about IT in the business environment. His key message from solution architecture - IT matters, (and pays), focus on the real world problems, commit yourself, learn the tools for life.

Seminar 2 John Dempsey 16 October 2013
Developing apps for mobile phones
John Dempsey gave an illustrated talk on developing mobile phone apps using MIT App Inventor http://appinventor.mit.edu/. John runs workshops for transition year students and teachers on developing apps. This work was supported by a grant from Google.

Seminar 1 Dr Kevin Scott 26 September 2013
What is Forensic Psychology all about?
Kevin Scott spoke to a full house about his work and study in Forensic Psychology.