Cyberpsychology MSc research

Cyberpsychology – thesis titles from the MSc 2009-2011

Students on the MSc in Cyberpsychology complete a 10 credit research project in Year 2. Here are a list of the project titles from 2009 to 2011. For further information please contact the Programme Co-ordinator Hannah Barton.

A cross cultural analysis of personality traits in Irish and American online dating profiles
An online communication training tool for the autistic population
Prognoses for Diagnoses: Medical Search Online and Cyberchondria by Proxy
Online brand trust in online educational providers.
Remember that Advert? Apple iPad vs print media.
Social Bits: using profiling via Facebook and the social web.
The influence of gendered web design on female science career
Using YouTube in the classroom: does it enhance learning?

A study of anxiety associated with mobile phone separation.
Always On: personality predictors of microblogging phenomena.
Capturing lectures: using multimedia lecture captures to promote learning.
Greater than the sum of its parts? Online news mash ups and trust
On the topic of friendship: an exploratory study of friendship and topicality in online discussion boards
Participation, interaction and learner satisfaction in a professional practice wiki for teachers
The motivations and personality traits that influence Irish Facebook usage
What news: is recall of news stories reduced by reading online?

A comparison of trust towards online commercial sites between digital natives and digital immigrants
An investigation of primary school teachers and principals attitudes towards online teacher training
A study of gender and personality on the effectiveness of online personalised recommendations
Being and digital: engaging the digital generation on campus
Blogs: a study into current uses and perceptions in Irish society.
Cultural differences in construction and utilisation of electronic mail from an African and Irish perspective
Establishing an online counselling service for substance use issues in the Republic of Ireland: an exploratory study
Gender-bending in virtual worlds
Giving in Online Recommendations Systems: The roles played by narcissism and altruism
How loot-horny are you? Personality, self-esteem and rewards in World of Warcraft
Online identity theft: an investigation of the differences between victims and non –victims with regard to anxiety, precautions and uses of the internet
Online Infidelity: aspects of self-disclosure, narcissism, self-esteem and internet addiction.
Perception of music marketing on social networking sites.
Technostress and personality factors in the digital divide.
The impact of gender, language and writing style on perceptions of participants in online political discussion forums