Memory Aid for Older Adults

Development of a Technology-Mediated Memory Aid for Older Adults

The aim of this project (2006-2008) was to design an interactive system to support memory in older adults. The emphasis was on Prospective Memory, or remembering to do things in the future, since this is an important aspect of daily living that shows an age-related decline.

Everyday tasks such as taking medication or remembering to buy milk are examples of how we use our Prospective Memory. This project employed a human-centred design process to investigate the lifestyles of older adults in terms of their use of memory strategies and technology.

Several themes emerged from the data which we used to predict the factors that are important to older adults in the design of a memory aid. The findings from these methods were used to support the design of prototype for a new interactive memory aid, MultiMinder.

This research was carried out by Niamh Caprani supervised by Dr Nicola Porter and Dr John Greaney. Niamh is a graduate of the Psychology Applied to Information Technology degree at IADT. Niamh graduated with an MSc in April 2009 and has started her PhD studies at DCU.

Staff involved in Memory Aid for Older Adults

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Dr. Nicola Porter
(01) 2394769
Dr. John Greaney
(01) 214 4960