MSc in Cyberpsychology 14-15 Student Induction 20 September 2014

We are delighted to welcome eighteen new students onto the MSc in Cyberpsychology for 2014-2015. They will do modules Principles of Psychology Online, Critical Research: Foundations, Futures and Skills and the Psychology of AI-VR this year.

These first years will join our continuing students in the Psychology of Gaming and Multimedia Entertainment.The second years do modules in HCI, Consumer Cyberpscyhology and their own independent research project supervised by a member of the programme team.

The programme team is led by Cliona Flood the programme coordinator and the lecturing team is Brendan Rooney, Hannah Barton, Tim McNichols, Mark Riordan, Nicola Fox-Hamilton and Irene Connolly.

It was great to have graduates Aveen Moran, Shula Castle-ODowd and Nicola Fox-Hamilton talk to the students at induction today, thank you all. Thanks to Cliona for a great induction day for the students.

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Story submitted by:

Dr Marion Palmer

20 September 2014