Public lectures on the Psychology of New Media and Digital Piracy

IADT is pleased to announce two public events that are being held as part of the Innovation Dublin 2012 festival. Both events are free, and examine human behaviour in relation to technology, the Internet, and digital piracy.

The Psychology of New Media (7pm, 24th October 2012, Room A019, Atrium Building)

The technologies we use influence our behaviour, sometimes in unusual and unexpected ways. Staff and postgraduate students in IADT examine many aspects of the psychology of new media, and this lecture presents highlights of their recent research. In particular, this event will focus on topics such as social networking, the use of artificial intelligence in customer service and therapy, using the Internet to search for medical information, online fraud and security, and the psychology of online dating.

Digital Piracy & Psychology (5pm, 26th October 2012, Room A019, Atrium Building)

There are many types of cybercrime but digital piracy is relatively unusual as its perpetrators rarely see themselves as criminals. As a result, the illegal copying and downloading of video, music and software is very common. This talk examines the psychology behind this offence, identifying why users engage in this behaviour and why they frequently do not see it as morally or legally problematic. The talk also uses psychological and criminological theory and research to offer suggestions on how levels of digital piracy might be reduced.

IADT offer a number of full and part-time programmes in psychology, including a BSc (Hons) in Applied Psychology, a MSc in Cyberpsychology, and several accredited evening courses in subjects such as Human-Computer Interaction, Internet Research Methods, Cyberpsychology, Sport Psychology and Organisational Psychology. Further details on these programmes is available from IADT is part of Innovation Dublin 2012, which takes place across Dublin from Oct 15th -26th. The festival demonstrates Dublin’s capacity to inspire, interact and innovate. Further details on Innovation Dublin events is available from

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Dr. Gráinne Kirwan

12 October 2012