CCTA Researcher Presents at Security and Human Behaviour Conference, New York

Dr. Grainne Kirwan recently attended and presented at the Security and Human Behavior 2012 conference ( ), held in the New York offices of Google from 3rd - 5th June 2012.

The conference was organised by Bruce Schneier ( - author, cryptographer and computer security specialist), Alessandro Acquisti ( - Associate Professor of Information Technology and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University) and Ross Anderson (Professor of Security Engineering at the University of Cambridge - ).

Other delegates at the conference hailed from Harvard, Cornell, Berkeley, PayPal, Microsoft and Google (among others). Grainne presented her research on the psychology of cybercrime victims as part of a panel discussing online fraud. She also presented work based on a chapter of The Psychology of Cyber Crime, a book recently published with Andrew Power.

Story submitted by:

Dr. Gráinne Kirwan

12 June 2012