Cyberpsychology update

IADT was delighted that its MSc in Cyberpsychology was shortlisted for the Postgraduate Course of the Year Award 2012 (IT category) organised by GradIreland in association with the Association of Higher Education Careers Services (AHECS). The shortlisting identifies excellence based on programme is evidence of clear and measurable indicators of success including employability, reputation, innovation, support and resources for students, teaching quality, links with relevant industries and positive feedback from students enrolled on the programme. Congratulations to UCD MSc in Computer Science (Negotiated Learning) who won the category award.

The MSc in Cyberpsychology is a future-focused and innovative programme which has drawn students from a wide range of employment and interest groups. Cyberpsychology is the study of the human mind and behaviour in the context of human-technology interaction. It encompasses all psychological phenomena that are associated with or affected by emerging technology.

This MSc studies human interactions with other emerging technologies, including the internet, mobile computing, mobile phones, games consoles, virtual reality, digital media and any other technology which has demonstrated an ability to alter human behaviours. It considers the impact of evolving trends, such as technological convergence, on individuals. Cyberpsychology also examines human interactions with less ubiquitous technologies, such as cyborgs and artificial intelligence.

The course is designed as a blended mix of face-to-face and online teaching, consisting of 60 credits over two years. Its part-time structure is intended to accommodate students who may be also engaged in fulltime work. It has drawn students from such diverse careers as: healthcare (including mental health), technical writing, e-services librarian, journalism, educational psychology, marketing, film and media, third level lecturing. There have also been a number of students progressing from undergraduate degrees, notably the IADT BSc(Hons) in Applied Psychology.

The structure and content of the course is attractive to both professionals in occupations in which human-computer interaction is a significant feature and to graduates wishing to build on skills and interests developed at undergraduate level.

The MSc in Cyberpcychology is currently recruiting for 2012-2013. For further information see

Story submitted by:

Dr Marion Palmer

18 May 2012