PSI 2011 Annual Conference 11-13 November 2011

CCTA researchers Dr Nicola Porter, Dr. Olivia Hurley and Cliona Flood presented papers at the Psychological Society of Ireland 2011 Annual Conference. Dr Porter presented The Brain Game: a novel learning and assessment tool for neuropsychology as part of the Symposium in Teaching and Research in Psychology on 13 Novmber 2011. Cliona Flood presented on Peer assisted learning: Supporting first year psychology students at IADT at the symposium. Dr Olivia Hurley presented Use of mental preparation in rugby: What do the players say?, as part of the Doing Sport Psychology - research and practice symposium on 12 November 2011.

Dr Porter is chair of the PSI Division of Teachers and Researchers.

Story submitted by:

Dr Marion Palmer

14 November 2011