Positive psychology in a nutshell

Positive psychology in a nutshell: the latest discoveries of the science of well-being.
By Dr. Ilona Boniwell, University of East London

The School of Creative Technologies in IADT ( Institute of Art, Design and Technology) in Dun Laoghaire hosted a public talk on Thursday, February 26th on the topic.

Ilona is the author of Positive Psychology in a Nutshell (2006, PWBC). She founded the European Network of Positive Psychology (ENPP), and is currently the member of its steering committee. Furthermore, she organised the first European Congress of Positive Psychology (June 2002, Winchester) and is the vice-chair of the newly created International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA). She was a recipient of several awards and grants from the Positive Psychology Network and the Gallup Organisation. Recently, Ilona was a consultant for and appeared in the BBC2 series The Happiness Formula. Her other media work included Guardian, Times, Psychologies, Top Sante and Cosmopolitan articles and interviews, as well as radio and TV interviews for BBC 24, BBC London and other channels. She is a prolific speaker and often addresses international psychology and professional audiences.

In addition to her academic work, Ilona is also interested in practical applications of positive psychology. She is a qualified coach and a facilitator of personal development programmes. She is a co-founder of Personal Well-Being Centre: a social enterprise dedicated to the promotion of well-being and personal development in individuals, organisations and educational settings.

Story submitted by:

Hannah Barton

26 February 2009