3D Barcamp, University of Limerick, 24th May 2008

The 3D barcamp in the University of Limerick was an informal conference held on 24th May 2008. I spoke on Cyberpsychology - current developments in the field, possible areas of future focus, and the MSc in Cyberpsychology. Attendance at the talk was high - probably about 40 attendees, who engaged well with the talk and there were some spirited debates, particularly around the areas of cyborgs and virtual environments. There were several other talks which were very interesting to both IT specialists and cyberpsychologists.

Gavin Duffy of Realsim (http://www.realsim.ie/) presented a talk on 3D urban visualisation, and demonstrated a platform called Mycosm, which provides high resolution, very realistic images of cityscapes. Demonstrations were provided of the virtual Galway, along with proposed new plans for the city, and it was clear how this technology would be of considerable use to town planners and architects.

Chris Exton from the University of Limerick gave a very interesting talk on his experiences of the culture of World of Warcraft, and demonstrated the social structures and online collaboration involved in the game.

Paul Gallagher, of the University of Limerick, gave a talk on Augmenting the Senses - a fascinating tour of the technology of augmented reality. Examples of practical uses of the technology were described - everything from interior design to surgery, and attendees had the opportunity to experiment with a haptic feedback device.

Three students from the MSc in Cyberpsychology also attended - Mary O Brien, Sinead Cochrane and Lee Kelly.

Further details on the conference are available at http://3dcamp.barcamp.ie/

Story submitted by:

Dr. Gráinne Kirwan

21 June 2008