Dr. John Greaney

Lecturer in Psychology

Dr. John Greaney

e mail: john.greaney@iadt.ie
phone: (01) 214 4960

Qualifications and Professional Bodies

BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Psychology (University of Birmingham)

PhD Psychology (University of Birmingham)

CPsychol, Chartered Psychologist

AFBPsS, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society

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Area of Expertise

Recent research has looked at the impact of mindful awareness on creativity and problem-solving. Other projects have included how interface design can support people’s cognition in real-world situations. These include: older adults and memory loss; design of flight displays to help pilots respond rapidly and accurately to emergencies; helping visually impaired children who experience reading difficulties with reading braille.

Awarded 3rd Prize at the MobileHCI Internatinoal Design Competition, Stockholm, September 2011.

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Teaching and Research

Currently teaching modules in Transpersonal and Positive Psychology, Information Design and Multimedia, together with research supervision at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Current Postgraduate supervision of Derek Laffan (MSc by research): Investigating User Experience and Positive Affect of Non Instructional Online Happiness Booster Interventions.

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Recent Research

O Cleirigh and Greaney (under review) "Mindfulness and Group Performance: An exploratory investigation into the effects of a brief mindfulness intervention on group task performance"

Walsh and Greaney (under review) "Mindfulness training outperforms a relaxation control
condition in insight problem solving" (

Book Chapters
O’Brien, M. Greaney, J. And Barton, H. (2013). Exploring psychological factors for contributing to online recommendation sites. In Writings in the Psychology of New Media Edited by Andrew Power, Grainne Kirwan. To Be Published 1st September 2013 by Routledge.

Conference Proceedings
Greaney, J. (2011). First Contact: Encouraging use of emergency contact details on mobile phones. In the Proceedings of MobileHCI 2011 the 13th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services, August – September 2011, Stockholm Sweden.

Greaney, J. (2012). Psychological perspectives on using technology to enhance wellbeing: promises and pitfalls. In Proceedings of DIS 2012 (Design of Interactive Systems), ACM Press.

Conference Papers
Freeman, R. and Greaney, J. (2011). North-South Dialectics in Ireland. Symposium: Psychological Approaches to Social Responsibility in North-South Dialectics. 12th European Congress of Psychology, Istanbul.

O’Cleirigh, D. and Greaney, J. (2012). Mindfulness and Group Work. Paper presented to British Psychological Society (BPS) Transpersonal Psychology Section Conference, Scarborough, 28-30 September 2012.

Greaney, J. and O’Cleirigh, D. (2013) Mindfulness, creativity and problem solving. First International Conference on Mindfulness (ICM). Rome, Italy. 8-12 May 2013.

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