About CCTA

The Centre for Creative Technologies + Applications

"our aim is to improve the design of new technologies to meet real human needs"

The Fac Centre for Creative Technologies and Applications is one of the research centres for the Faculty of Film, Art and Creative Technologies at IADT. The CCTA seeks to draw together the expertise and research interests of the academic staff and post graduate students in the Faculty.

Creative Technologies is people centred technology in a digital environment. Our goal, through both our taught programmes and research is to explore the interaction of people and technology. This goal finds expression in a range of existing disciplines such as Audio/Visual Technologies, Gaming, Multimedia, Psychology, eLearning, Assistive Technologies, Teaching and Learning, eBusiness; and emerging disciplines such as cyberpsychology.

The Faculty of Film, Art and Creative Technologies offers highly innovative programmes across a range of disciplines in psychology, applied computing and digital media. There are small class sizes and a project-oriented approach. This makes for a very stimulating learning environment for students, which prepares them particularly well for the world of work. For example projects addressing the design and development of games, e-learning products and mobile applications have been undertaken to a very high standard.

The Faculty's programmes combine technical skill and knowledge with an understanding of the context within which creative technology operates in society. In all of our areas of activity there is a strong emphasis on the human dimension to technology. Our taught programmes include:

BEng in Audiovisual Media Technology
BSc Computing in Multimedia Programming
BSc (Hons) in Computing in Multimedia Systems
BSc (Hons) in Web Engineering
BSc (Hons) Applied Psychology
MSc in Cyberpsychology